Dream By Design Designs a New US Soccer Crest (Logo)

Getting ready for the 2014 FIFA World Cup, I was curious to see two things of United States Soccer: The history of the crest (logo for the non-futbol fans), and The history of the kit (jersey for the non-futbol fans). This post will talk about the crest.   Really quickly, a rough history of the crest design is as below:   According to Nick Kern from The Shin Guardian, and the Shin Guardian in cooperation with the United States Soccer Federation marketing team, this power point was released. Power Point by Nick Kern.   What a great start. So I also looked online for design contests: In January, Stars and Stripes FC had a design contest, and they produced these finalists with the winner at the start. Usmnt_crest_concept_-_mark_yesilevskiy_medium

Mark Yesilevskiy


Max Taylor


Evan Accardi


Andre Araujo

Personally, I enjoyed the one designed by Araujo the best. Probably stronger without the “USSF” beneath the logo. Other strong contenders include:

Nike’s “Don’t Tread On Me” Campaign

Nicholas Burroughs

Posted Image






U.S. Soccer Development Academy

So with this as the inspiration, I started this esquisse to sharpen my illustrator skills and my love for US Futbol.

The next post will be my rendition of logo






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